Men’s Association 2-Man Scramble Results

Results for 2 Man Scramble, June 11th

1st. Donnie Batt

Bob Sauter                 (69) $45.00 Per Man

2nd. Bill Thompson

Steve Vorhees            (70) $33.75 Per Man

Gary Shadoin

Ken Lewis                   (70) $33.75 Per Man

4th. Don Huddleson

Mike Amos                  (71) $22.50 Per Man

5th. Geoff Lehr

Gerald Wright             (72)

Rick Cantrell

Steve Swift                   (72)

Jay Herwehe

Lou Coulter                  (72)

8th. Eric Schleicher

Billy Broughton           (73)

9th. Don Kerrigan

Dave Flynn                     (73) $15.00 Per Man

10th. Dave Andrews

Brett Ware                      (75)

Closest To Pin #14: Rick Cantrell

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